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Penny Lane, 2023


Redeemed, A Memoir of a Stolen Childhood

“Articulate, emotional prose brings readers into the author’s struggle to reclaim her inner strength and begin a new life (“I felt a power…a strength in my physical being. My soul shifted. I would never stand down to him, or anyone, ever again”).”

REDEEMED | Kirkus Reviews     

“Author Penny Lane has crafted a narrative that exposes the horrors of abuse and trauma but also illuminates the incredible capacity for resilience and healing that we all have, if we can learn to tap into it. . . . Redeemed is a highly recommended memoir that is sure to reinstate enduring hope for a better tomorrow in those who need it most.”
—Readers’ Favorite, 5-star review


A rise-from-the-ashes hero’s story of overcoming abuse, trauma, and unbearable odds, of being waylaid by both family and religion’s promise of love, and harnessing the resilience to find the way home, Redeemed offers a rare window into Eastern European immigrant culture and reads like a page-turning thriller. Especially relevant today, a time when marginalized people are increasingly finding a voice, this memoir will serve as an inspiration to women everywhere, encouraging them to overcome their obstacles and go after their dreams.


Someone once said: "an easy life is hardly worth writing about." So true.

I am not who you see. You may see a confident, exuberant woman, but underneath that tenacity, energy, and ambition is a young girl trying to make good as we say in New York.


I am not what you see. Although all my friends are all smart, accomplished, and successful like me, I feel the impostor in the group. Although I have come so far...I always fear failing more than I enjoy my successes. 

Although I love life, in many ways I am still that girl but also so much more. I have become a wife, a mother, a professional, a student, a traveler, a volunteer, a congregant, a friend.


I was halfway through my life before I dared talking about my family secrets. I learned that many people shared similar lives. Hearing those stories helped me feel less strange, less "other," more “normal” as if that were remotely possible. They helped me heal.

I wrote the memoir of my escape, empowerment and triumph in hope that I might help others heal. If I can repair the world or provide an ounce of solace to someone else, then my experiences will have been worthwhile. I hope I can do that for you.

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