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April 24,2024 -NAASCA-National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse interview and live panel discussion on my experience as an abused child. Listen to the whole interview here: 

Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 3428 04/24 by NAASCA ORG | Self Help ( - National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse


April 26, 2024 Guest article:

Validation brought me healing; Affirmation brought me change. — Out of the Storm


April 2024, Listed under books by Relational Trauma Survivors:

Books by Relational Trauma Survivors — Out of the Storm


May, 2024, Honorable mention by Dr. Lally Pia on the Sarahlyn Bruck Readers Blog:  Lally Pia - Sarahlyn Bruck

Scroll down to "What was the last book you read?"


May 2024:  Books Forward Newsletter

Behind the Scenes: Books Forward May Newsletter 💌 (


May 13, 2024 An amazing Foreword Review

"A story of indefatigable perseverance, Redeemed is an understated memoir about the arduous path to healing and the anguish that remains"

See the whole review here: Review of Redeemed (9781647427009) — Foreword Reviews


May 21, 2024 Best Self Media

Reclaiming Freedom: Rising from the Ashes of Trauma, Neglect and Abuse - BEST SELF (



June 21, 2024 @50 After 50 with Maria Leanard Olsen Podcast


June 25, 2024 Best Books on People breaking from their pasts to claim their lives back:

The best books about people breaking from their pasts (


June 25,2024 Snowflakes in a Blizzard: Separating authors from the herd and giving them one-on-one time with readers. Interview:

Redeemed – Snowflakes in a Blizzard (


June 25, 2024,      What Is That Book About? 

Spotlight: Redeemed: A Memoir of a Stolen Childhood by Penny Lane — What Is That Book About

June 25, 2025  Women Writers, Women's Books, Guest article "How I Wrote My Memoir,"  The Process of Writing My Memoir, by Penny Lane - Women Writers, Women's Books : Women Writers, Women's Books (

June 26, 2024 IndieView with Penny Lane, author of Redeemed: A Memoir of a Stolen Childhood | (

June 26, 2024  Overcoming the Self-Defense Reaction of Making Ourselves Smaller to Tell Our Stories - Writer's Digest (

June 26, 2024 Author Details Journey From Religious Abuse & Trauma To Ultimately Finding Freedom In New Memoir - GirlTalkHQ

June 26, 2024 Country Mamas With Kids | Book Review and Spotlight for Redeemed by Penny Lane 😍🎉 My Review: This is a memoir about the author who moves with her father and… | Instagram

​July 11, 2024. Catalogued in the Golden Gate University Faculty, Alumni, & Staff Publications collection. See a link here

Business Library - Faculty, Alumni, & Staff Publications - Research Guides at Golden Gate University (

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