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With unflinching honesty and raw vulnerability, this memoir offers a powerful message of hope and healing. The author's journey from victim to victor is a testament to the power of determination and our will to be happy. I was spellbound.

- Julian Guthrie, NYT best-selling author, Alpha Girls

“A remarkably assured debut. Your heart will ache for the author of this rise-from-the-ashes memoir as you compulsively turn each page, but you’ll never stop rooting for her to come out on top.”

John J. Geoghegan, bestselling author of HEAR TODAY, GONE TOMORROW

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Rebecca Woolf, author of All of This: A Memoir of Death and Desire

“Written like a thriller, told by a truth-teller, Redeemed presents an intimate portrait of a woman’s survival from a traumatized and abusive immigrant family to the underbelly of American cults into freedom and awareness. Penny’s honesty and pragmatic storytelling allows us to follow the facts of this twisted story and cheer for her when she finally becomes free. From this very unique story, we can feel the harrowing effects war has on generations, and how it takes lifetimes and a courageous spirit to rise above.”

The author had me from the start and kept me riveted throughout her harrowing story. Few among us can not only survive a painful and emotionally abusive childhood, but go on to thrive and make deep meaning of our lives. Penny Lane has done that and has written a tour de force that will resonate with so many people. Her strength, joie de vivre, and determination propel her to find something better and her chronicling of her story is both gut wrenching and heart warming. Kudos! This is a book that will be spoken of for a long time.

Joanne Greene, author of By Accident, A Memoir  of Letting Go

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