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Author Rebecca Woolf reviewed my book!

I am grateful to Rebecca Woolf, columnist, blogger and author of the memoir "All of This" for taking the time to review my upcoming memoir, and to my good friend Erica Filanc Tanamachi for introducing us. Here's what she has to say:

"Written like a thriller, told by a truth-teller, The Hungarian Girl presents an intimate portrait of a woman’s survival from a traumatized & abusive immigrant family to the underbelly of American cults into freedom and awareness. Penny’s honesty and pragmatic storytelling allows us to follow the facts of this twisted story and cheer for her when she finally becomes free… From this very unique story, we can feel the harrowing effects war has on generations - and how it takes lifetimes and a courageous spirit to rise above."

My memoir “The Hungarian Girl” will be published by She Writes Press In June 2024. (The name may change.)

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Claudia Marseille
Claudia Marseille
Mar 16, 2023

Congratulations Penny!

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