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Is there a difference between ambition and workaholism?

Interesting article on the difference between "ambition" and "workaholism."

Hilary Frey says in her Slate article, "Workaholism is just always toxic. Workaholism is an addiction like anything else; it’s filling a hole, it’s compulsive, it’s itchy. Ambition actually can be an energetic force that provides a value in your life that propels you forward. Workaholism is: You’re hiding."

Coupled with Stephanie Foo's admission in her memoir "What My Bones Know" that she worked endless hours to 'hide' from her trauma, I wonder how many of us work too much for all the wrong reasons?

In my case, I worked hard to shield myself from "failure," or being accused of failure, and to build a wall of security.

My book, Redeemed, A Memoir of a Stolen Childhood is out now.

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