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Opening the door for others starts with yourself

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

“When you open a door for yourself, you sometimes open a door for others.” We need be to true to our own inner voice- what we know to be our true selves- and live the lives and truths as we imagine we should. It is so important but also extremely hard for some of us. Our parents often label us or pressure us with expectations that are either too high or too low. People may bully, try to define rather than allow us full freedom to be who we are and flavor their lives accordingly. Society also tries to tell us how we should be, look, act, think. How do we sort out the noise from our own truth?

Myself, I needed to break away-a few times in my life- to leave everything I knew behind, to break from what I knew in my soul to be wrong- including leaving my home, family, church, and first marriage. It was painful, soul crushingly lonely and dead scary. But the break gave me the time and space to deconstruct and discard what no longer served the true me, and start anew. My life changed forever. But here’s the best part: because I opened that door for myself, I can now open that door for others, something I have tried to do for people ever since. Some of the women I mentored, are now mentoring others, something that tells me I must have opened the right door, and makes my heart and soul smile.

My memoir “The Hungarian Girl” will be published by She Writes Press In June 2024. (The name may change.)

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