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Our memoirs are women talking.

I have been warned by friends that Sarah Polley’s film Women Talking may hit close to home. I’d like to see the film. I am encouraged that women are talking - in books, in film, in music. We need our voices heard, especially those of us who have been muzzled. Someone, at some time wanted us to keep quiet. Their shame, not ours. We want to be seen for who we really are, and what we have contributed, overcome, endured. When we are silenced, everybody loses, and we suffer immeasurable and avoidable consequences, societally, personally and physically. The women I know who have written memoirs, wrote to expand the world, to offer comfort, to connect to others who share similar stories in an effort to give voice to the incredible strength and power of our ability to adapt, endure, learn and overcome. If you have a story to tell- write it! She Writes Press is a women owned and run press devoted to greenlighting the work of women. Tell them Penny Lane sent you.

My memoir “The Hungarian Girl” will be published by She Writes Press In June 2024. (The name may change.)

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