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Surviving family trauma can be isolating...

Great article in Psychology today on how surviving family trauma can be so isolating. No one sees the scars.

"Children from dysfunctional families often grow up without key tools for healthy emotional development. Others may struggle to comprehend the nuances of their experience, leading to misguided attempts at support.

Survivors of family trauma may feel invisible, their suffering unseen and unacknowledged by others, and their feelings unrecognized or invalidated by those who fail to grasp the depth of their pain." All of this...and more happened to me. Somehow, I managed to overcome it, but not without scars, tears and repercussions.

My book, Redeemed, A Memoir of a Stolen Childhood will be published June 25, 2024.

Preorder here: Redeemed: A Memoir of a Stolen Childhood: Lane, Penny: 9781647427009: Books

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