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The secrets behind the smile...

Frank McCourt said, " a happy childhood is hardly worth your while,” and yet it’s what we desperately want to give our children, even if it was something we ourselves learned to live without.

I was a happy child once, according to this picture, found accidently, mixed in with my mother’s wedding photos and death certificate. I do remember that feeling so long ago, playing on my tricycle with my cousins, until he came for me, the father I never knew who took me away, never to return.

A lifetime later I found the time to flesh it out; A survival tale. A coming-of-age story. The checkered childhood saga. An “if I can do it-so can you” inspiration. A “put one-foot-in-front-of-the-other” and find the hidden escape drama. It is a plot common to many, yet in the telling and in the reading, we find our own truth, validation and healing.

To be published by She Writes Press, Spring 2024. Please follow me on FB and

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