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This Thursday, June 25th, 7pm Books Inc, Berkeley

My inspiring memoir about overcoming the abuse and trauma of childhood and church is published this month by She Writes Press in Berkeley. I will be doing a reading and touching on topics like immigration and childhood, intergenerational trauma, the effects of childhood trauma on our mental health, and why we need to get rid of the stigma of talking about it,

this Thursday at 7pm, at Books Inc. Berkeley.

See details here:

Books Inc. Berkeley, 6/27. 7pm pst

1491 Shattuck Ave

Berkeley, CA 94710

Please come if you can to support a debut writer- it's hard to sell books these days if your name isn't Erik Larsen or Kristen Hannah! Bring a friend if they love books, or feel free to forward this. The reviews and feedback so far have been great;

Redeemed, A Memoir of A Stolen Childhood

"A story of indefatigable perseverance, Redeemed is an understated memoir about the arduous path to healing and the anguish that remains. About trauma, lost love, and the determined push toward success, Redeemed is a powerful memoir."

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