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A Five-Star rating from Readers' Favorite!

Publishing a book as a new writer is an intimidating and vulnerable experience, especially when its memoir. Having a respected, independent agency like Readers' Favorite and Kirkus write me a positive review is HUGE! It's reassuring and confirming - and echos the feedback from my early readers- who may have been biased. I am grateful for the support.

Please look for my upcoming memoir about becoming a stronger woman because of- not despite- surviving repeated abuse and trauma from an early age. It's an inspiring story about reaching for your dreams- no matter how simple they may be.

My book, Redeemed, A Memoir of a Stolen Childhood will be published June 25, 2024.

Please follow me and sign up for my waiting list on:

Kirkus Review magazine, page 172. 

and the five-star review from Readers' Favorite here.

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