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A new title for the Hungarian Girl...

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Redeemed, A story of a Lost Childhood

Writing the book was the easy part-coming up with all the details to make it a successful publication is HARD! After many stressful days, and much back and forth with my amazing publisher Brooke Warner from She Writes Press, with my very creative husband, and all my sister-writers-friends, I have a new title which is so much more fitting for my story. My good friend Erica Tanamachi told me to trust the process, and she was so right- the “process” of thinking-examining-evaluating-defining-testing-rejecting and starting all over again, and again and again, worked- and got me a better title, one much closer to the truth of my story. So, without further ado, my new title is Redeemed, A memoir of a Stolen Childhood.

My publication date is June 25, 2024. Keep checking for book cover and other details.

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