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Doing hard things makes us stronger.

I avoid confrontation, and hate change, but the truth is, the times in my life when I’ve had to do really hard things, have made me stronger. I felt differently about myself afterwards. It bolstered me for the future. Because there are always going to be new challenges, right? Like the need to stand up to a bully at work or at home; of having to leave a bad relationship, or marriage, or a once dream job that has become toxic. The process of speaking out or standing up to someone is not just defiance; it’s an act of self-protection, a recognition of our value, and a declaration of self-worth. It’s a message that we’re not someone who’s going to be subdued easily. And once you do it, you know that you have the strength to do it again if you need to. It breeds confidence, self-assurance, and personal boundaries, all which forge in us the personal strength to do and be our best. At work, at home and in the world at large. Something we desperately need now.

I talk about standing up to bullies in my book, Redeemed, A Memoir of a Stolen Childhood, which will be published June 25, 2024.

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